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Inventorying contents just got easier

Save boots on the ground for the claims that need them most.

Xactimate + Geomni

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Incorporating aerial imagery and data into Xactimate not only saves time but also reduces costs and increases safety.

Let artificial intelligence document your pack out

ContentsTrack object recognition makes it easy to build your inventory by using your smart phone or tablet. Simply point your device camera at the contents item and it'll be instantly recognized and categorized, saving you precious time on site. 

Object recognition is included with every ContentsTrack job

A full chain of custody and happier policyholders

With tools to scan and track barcodes, ContentsTrack gives you the ability to know the exact location of contents items in your care. 

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Instantly match items to the Xactimate price list

When you capture and categorize personal contents items as you go, ContentsTrack's integration with Xactimate lets you apply the line item codes for both replacement and cleaning items on the spot.


ContentsTrack + ClaimXperience

Even better together.

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Accelerate your pack out with 
ContentsTrack object recognition

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Turn on object recognition in three easy steps:

Identifying and documenting contents items used to be a time intensive multi-step process. AI powered object recognition from ContentsTrack, turns this into a single step - saving you precious labor time and money.  

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