First in. Last out.

When a catastrophe strikes, policyholders are left with questions, fears, and holes in their life. You're the restoration professionals who become the storm weather hero who answers those questions, calms those fears, and fills those gaps - day in and day out, no matter the weather.

Weather forecast and date-of-loss verification

Project policyholder impact before the storm

Discover Respond

Ready beforehand. Respond hurricane forecast data lets you assess the approximate impact to policies-in-force up to 5 days before landfall, buying you precious time to set aside reserves, organize response units, and deploy the right resources. Without the help of Respond, your response efforts have major potential to fall short of what is needed to triage your policies-in-force, leaving some policyholders left out in the cold to fend for themselves.

Confident throughout. Once the storm arrives, Respond predictive analytics helps you prioritize and triage response efforts in near real-time. You'll have the data you need to reroute adjusters and redeploy resources as the situation unfolds.

Understand Respond in action. See how Respond tracked weather and delivered insights during 2017's devastating hurricanes.

Property-specific weather verification

Benchmark for Xactimate and XactAnalysis delivers property-specific hail, straight-line wind, hurricane wind, and lightning reports to help you determine the cause of loss and, with one third of claims having incorrect date of loss, Benchmark helps verify when damage occurred, helping eliminate uncovered indemnity spend when warranted.

Discover Benchmark

Automate date-of-loss verification. Update and customize XactAnalysis settings to automatically flag claims for review where the date of loss doesn't match a verified weather event at the property.

Educational resources


Ready to deploy at a moment's notice

Because knowing more now means better work later, we host Xactimate virtual classroom training year round. Xactware trainers arm you with the skills to tackle the most challenging claims and prepare for certification exams.

Brush up or learn new skills with one of the many training options designed to improve your proficiency and speed in the field or at the desk. 


Xactware Webcasts

Pro-tips, shortcuts, and product features to keep you on top of the latest technology, trends, and resources. 


Xactware Xpert Tips on YouTube

How-to Xactimate video tips and tricks for everything from curved walls and ceilings to angled staircases and macros.


Virtual training

Instructor-led virtual classroom training from the comfort of your living room or office.


Self-paced training

On-demand training available 24/7 with more than 70 hours of content for Xactware products.


Verisk Elevate 2020 on-demand

Whether you missed the conference in February or want to see a session you weren’t able to attend, follow the steps below to gain free access to these insightful sessions.

  1. Visit the Xactware online store and add “Elevate Conference 2020 Recorded Sessions” to your cart
  2. Enter coupon code 2020ELEV8 and complete checkout (price should be $0.00)
  3. Visit the Elevate 2020 sessions page and log in with your Xactware ID



Handle any type of claim


Add personal contents to your offering. Major weather events mean an onslaught of contents claims, and ClaimXperience paired with XactContents can make it easy to handle them. Work with your policyholder to build a contents inventory right from the desk and price it with the largest database in the industry.

And when it comes time to pack-out, ContentsTrack helps you know where your inventory is in the pack-out, storage, and cleaning process.


Service policyholders quickly from the desk with a collaborative portal for sharing documents, photos, videos and more.

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Quickly estimate personal property claims in-house while also reducing outside vendor costs by up to 75%.

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Severe weather with the Verisk ecosystem



Streamline flood estimates and prepare for flood-loss claims with Xactimate flood-estimating.

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Maintain full chain-of-custody for the pack-out and pack-back of personal contents items.

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Automatically flag claims where the date of loss doesn’t match a verified weather event.

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Severe weather analytics to visualize impact to policies-in-force and position resources before the storm strikes.  

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Handling Major Weather Events with the Verisk Ecosystem

Solutions and training for severe weather and catastrophe response.


Confirm storm damage claims with on-demand property-specific weather history reports.

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Restoration Manager

Manage restoration jobs using accounting integrations, Gantt charts, and automation designed to help you handle an influx of work.

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