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Technical details

Upgrading to Xactimate desktop (X1)

93% of customers have already migrated to Xactimate desktop (X1) 

Here's what they recently said:

On July 31, 2021, support for Xactimate desktop version 28 will no longer be available and end of life for Xactimate desktop version 28 will occur on December 1, 2021.

Even though the software will continue to work through November 2021, we encourage all users to upgrade to Xactimate desktop (X1) before support ends in July.


Xactimate desktop version 28 will no longer function after legacy comm servers are shut down on May 1, 2022. To continue using Xactimate, you must upgrade before that date. 

  • Access the latest features including XactScope for water mitigation and roof/exteriors*
  • In-app notifications keep you in-the-know for new assignments and updates
  • Intuitive and familiar navigation helps keeps your productivity high
  • Work offline when needed
  • Access your files anywhere from the Xactimate Cloud on any device*
  • No more software keycodes or bulky update downloads 
  • Apply most updates when you're ready
  • Protect your work with improved security

*Requires the Xactimate Professional subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What technical requirements are needed to run Xactimate (X1)?

A - Visit the Xactimate system requirements before upgrading to ensure your PC system can support the software.

Q - What is different about creating estimates in Xactimate (X1) over version 28?

A - Fundamentally the process is the same, although the user interface has changed.

Q - How much time will the upgrade take?

A - Depending on the size of your local estimate library, it could take some time to transfer all data to the Cloud. Be sure to plan to upgrade when you have a good internet connection and a window of time so your work isn't disrupted. Review the install instructions before starting.

Q - What happens if I do not upgrade by May 1, 2022?

A - On May 1, comm servers that support network communication for Xactimate desktop version 28 will be decommissioned. Any version 28 installation will not be able to send or receive assignments without further exception. Plan to upgrade early to avoid any disruptions. 

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Xactimate desktop version 28 will be disabled from network communication on May 1, 2022. 

What's new:

  • "The X1 platform is easy to navigate through, updates are much quicker, while keeping the same functionality."

  • "X1 has been absolutely great to work with and is a huge improvement over 28.  A bit buggy the first few months after release but haven't had issues since."

  • "It was a good experience in transferring from x28 to x1."

  • "I like Xactimate X1 features, especially the latest changes."

  • "I found several issues with X1 and am pleased that all items of concern have been resolved.  It's working great."