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Remodeling Estimating Software

XactRemodel GO is estimating software designed for professional remodelers. Whether you are doing a minor room remodel, an entire renovation, or an addition, XactRemodel can improve accuracy, save you time, and improve your bottom line.

XactRemodel GO is a mobile tool for rapid estimating that helps contractors win more bids and maximize profits.

Supported by a regularly updated, localized price database of over 10,000 line items, XactRemodel GO helps you build competitive, profitable estimates inside an easy to use app. If you need to modify your estimate, you can adjust unit cost and markup for every line item.

Build estimates faster and track their status with XactRemodel GO’s professionally designed templates and estimate-management tools.


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How to Use XactRemodel GO

With XactRemodel GO, you not only get fast and precise estimating; you also have an effective sales tool that can be used with clients. 

XactRemodel GO is easy to use, completely customizable to your individual preferences, and set to grow with your business. 

“[XactRemodel GO] gives me the ability to create estimates onsite rather than hours or even days after my initial visit... The program is easy to navigate and operate especially for a non techno user like me.”

XactRemodel GO Customer

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